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Here at PCM, we pride ourselves on customer service and measure our success through repeat business.

Brian Spina

General Manager

Brian is the general manager of Pneumatic Conveying & MFG. Brian bought into the company in the early 2000’s with a few other employees. PCM has since expanded all over California, building pneumatic and conveying equipment for many businesses.

Email me: brian@sandsdata.com

Brandon Vaillette

Supervisor/Operations Manager

Brandon has worked at PCM since 1994. He went to Butte College for welding and started here at PCM as a field worker and soon worked his way up to field foreman. Several years later, Brandon started his own construction company that he owned from 2002 – 2012. He then came back to PCM to run all major field operations and projects.

Email me: pcmfabshop@yahoo.com

Martha Telles


Martha is a local to Red Bluff and has been with PCM for two years. Martha is dedicated to her family and this job. She is a big part of handling operations that help makes this company run smoothly. For any information on finances and operations, please contact Martha!

Email me:martha.pcm@yahoo.com

Elizabeth “Shantal” Rodriguez

Office Assistant

Shantal is PCM’s wonderful office assistant. Shantal is local to Red Bluff and currently going to school to become an Ultra Sound Technician. If you have any questions related to finances, jobs available, or current projects, do not hesitate to reach out to her!

Email me: elizabethpcm@yahoo.com

Lyle Green


Lyle is a Navy Veteran who served from 1954 to 1981. When Lyle got out the Navy, he made the move to Corning, Ca where we sold Mobile Home Real- Estate at Woodson Bridge Estates. From there he commuted to the Bay Area and worked for AMPEX Corp and CTS Printex Inc. After 4 years, he decided to find something more local. Lyle has now worked at PCM since 1985, 3 years after PCM opened. Lyle is a huge part of why this company is amazing. Email or call him anytime for sales or purchasing questions!

Email me: lylegreen2@yahoo.com

Jerri Holder


Jerri has been with PCM for over a year now, becoming an expert in our purchasing department. Originally from Washington, Jerri made the move to Red Bluff for a change of scenery and has loved it for the last 14 years. Customer Service is Jerri’s expertise, ” I makes sure our team has the right product to provide and our customer service remains excellent”.

Email me: lylegreen2@yahoo.com

Daelyn Arellanes


Daelyn is our marketing and sales rep. Daelyn has worked in marketing for 6 years now. Her main areas of expertise are web design and face to face marketing. You might see her from time to time pop in to check in if you’re one of our main clients. If you need help being set up with someone about using PCM in the future, call or email her today!

Email me: daelynarellanes@yahoo.com
Call me: 541.841.8871

Jeremy Gibbs


Jeremy started as a welder/fabricator here at PCM until he learned to design in AutoCAD. Jeremy travels often to jobs where he assist our field crew in day to day operations. Call him for any assistance you need on future or current jobs.

Email me: pcmfabshop@yahoo.com

Terry Erlewine

AutoCAD Designer

Terry, originally from Grover Beach, Ca, obtained his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Alan Hancock College in Santa Maria, Ca. For the last 25 years Terry has been a Civilian Contractor and worked with NASA and the US Military. In 2017 he made the move to Red Bluff, Ca were he now is one our amazing AutoCAD Designers.

Email me: pcmfabshop2@yahoo.com

Miguel Telles

Field Crew Foreman

Miguel has been with PCM for 7 years now as one of our welder/fabricators and now Lead Field Crew Foreman. He has a wide range knowledge in the agriculture industry and is a Top of the Line Welder.

Contact me at: 530-529-1212

Kris Furrow

Shop Foreman

Kris has been the Shop Foreman at PCM for 1 year now. He has been welding for 12 years now and makes an excellent leader. If you visit the shop, don’t hesitate to ask him question related to fabrication.

Contact me at: 530-529-1212

Rene Castaneda

Field Crew Foreman

Rene has been with PCM for 2 years now as one of Field Crew Foreman’s. 25 years of experience in the farming industry has made him a wonderful crew leader.

Contact me at: 530-529-1212

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