Our History

PCM opened in 1983 in Red Bluff, Ca. The original owner was Glenn Sherwood of Bend, Oregon. Glenn owned a sheet metal shop in the early 80’s in Oregon while the wood industry was booming. Soon, there were more metal shops than there were mills, so Glenn set out to find a new place for his business. He started at the Oregon/California border and mapped his way the way down to Sacramento looking through various towns trying to decide where he should move his business. That is when he landed in Red Bluff, the center of the lumber industry in Northern California.

PCM in the 1960’s, 10 years after the shop was built.

Glenn found a shop that could work, the same one we are here at today. He hauled all his equipment from Bend, OR, piece by piece on his truck until he it was all together at the Red Bluff shop.

His marketing style was old school, he went into every lumber mill in the area offering PCM’s services and landed small jobs here and there (the same marketing plan PCM uses today). They began welding and fabricating sheet metal, pipe metal, and small installations here and there.

PCM present day.

By the end of 1985, there was steady work and permanent crew. As environmentalist took over and began taking over plots of land where wood would normally be cut down, PCM started to lose work. It was then we started searching for work elsewhere and that’s when we landed our first agriculture job down in Arbuckle. From there, PCM’s reputation took off and started building start up ag companies, mainly in the rice industry.

In the late 90’s, Glenn turned PCM into a corporation and looked for retirement. In the early 2000’s, Brian Spina was hired on as an intern in the accounting department. Soon, Brian and few other employees bought the company and ran it together.

Today Brian is the GM and operations are running smoothly. As our workload increases, the need for welder/fabricators, field crew, and AutoCAD Designers do too. Apply today if you are interested in a position with us! The agriculture industry is huge for PCM. We started with rice and from there went to almonds, walnuts, and now pistachios. Our areas of operations are spread out all through California. We are currently expanding even further south as we pursue different areas in agriculture. If you are interested in working with us, call us today or send an email!

PCM’s welding shop.
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